The first year for Series ornaments

With the release of the Star Wars Special Editions and the resurgence of interest in all things Star Wars, Hallmark introduced four Keepsake Ornaments in 1997. This was also the first year the Series ornaments for Star Wars began. "Series" ornaments have numbers stamped right in them to indicate which number in the Series it is. One Series ornament would be offered each year.


Darth Vader is a "Magic" ornament which features voice and light. When plugged in to a Christmas light socket, Vader's red saber glows as he delivers his famous line "The Force is with you, young Skywalker. But you are not a Jedi yet!" Sculpted by Dill Rhodus, Vader stands 5" tall and is 2.5" wide and deep.

Price: $ 24.00 US / $ 31.00 CDN



Luke Skywalker has the distinction of being number one in the yearly "Star Wars Series" of collectible ornaments. In his Bespin fatigues, Luke stands 4" tall and was again sculpted by Dill Rhodus.

Price: $ 13.95 US / $ 18.25 CDN



Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back is a mere 2" tall and was designed by Katrina Bricker.

Price: $ 9.95 US / $ 13.00 CDN



A miniature set of C-3PO and R2D2 were precisely-detailed by Dill Rhodus; Threepio is only 2" tall and Artoo stands about 1.25" tall.

Price: $ 12.95 US / $ 17.00 CDN