Five new offerrings

Hallmark continued to produce a variety of characters and ships from both the classic and prequel movies in 2003. Again, a Memory Card was enclosed with of the following five ornaments:


C-3PO marked the seventh ornament in the Star Wars Series. Standing 4" tall, this protocol droid features fine detail by artist Kristina Kline.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



Although not labeled as a "Magic" ornament, the Imperial TIE Fighter is battery-operated with sounds of the TIE racing by, followed by battle sounds and explosion. Sculpted by Dill Rhodus, the ship measures 4" tall, 3.5" wide and 3" deep. Instead of the usual button-cell batteries, this ornament requires a single 3.0v CR2025 coin-type lithium battery which is included in the box, along with installation instructions.

Price: $ 24.00 US / $ 32.00 CDN



Hallmark produced three ornaments from Episode Two in 2003. Jedi Master Yoda from Attack Of The Clones stands 2" tall himself, although the ornament is 3.75" tall to the tip of his green lightsaber. This sculpture does not have an artist credited.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



The second AOTC ornament this year was Padme Amidala in a white jumpsuit and blaster. She stands 4" tall and has no artist credited for her sculpt.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



Miniature ornaments returned in 2003 with a set of two Clone Troopers from Episode Two. One is all white and the other has red armor marks denoting his rank as Captain. Sculpted by Nello Williams, each Trooper stands 2" tall.

Price: $ 9.95 US / $ 13.95 CDN