The Series now numbers 15

Five ornaments were released by Halmark in 2011. Three "Magic", one Limited and one regular… also, the Series figure was also a "Magic" ornament.


Jedi Master Yoda is 15th in the Series and was sculpted by Kristina Gaughran and measures 2" wide, 1.5" deep and 2.5" tall. He is posed beside a Dagobah tree stump and when the button is pressed, four of his famous lines from The Empire Strikes Back are heard:

Button Press #1:

"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."

Button Press #2:

"When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?"

Button Press #3:

"Help you I can, yes, mmm."

Button Press #4:

"A Jedi's strength flow from the Force. But beware of the Dark Side."

Price: $ 17.95 US / $ 23.99 CDN



The next "Magic" ornament was Showdown at the Cantina by Katrina Bricker, depicting the private booth encounter between Han and Greedo. At 3" wide, over 2" deep and 3" tall, the cutaway mini-diorama features Han in repose Greedo at full attention and both with blasters at the ready. When the button is pressed we hear the conversation, with Greedo speaking in Huttese:

Button Press #1:

Greedo: (translated) "Going somewhere Solo?"
Han: "Yes Greedo. As a matter of fact I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba that I've got his money."

Button Press #2:

Greedo: (translated) "If you give it to me, I might forget I found you."
Han: "I don't have it with me, tell Jabba…"
Greedo: (translated) "Jabba's through with you!"

Button Press #3:

Greedo: (translated) "You can tell that to Jabba. At best, he may only take your ship."
Han: "Over my dead body."
Greedo: (translated) "That's the idea... I've been looking forward to this for a long time." Han: "Yes, I'll bet you have." (The sound of blasters is heard)

Price: $ 32.95 US / $ 39.99 CDN



The third "Magic" ornament in 2011 was the Slave I by Robert Hurlburt. This was the second time this ship has been made; the first time an Attack of the Clones version came out in 2002. This one is about the same size at 4" wide, 2" deep and 4.5" tall but isn't nearly as heavy as that first die-cast metal model - and this time it also comes with sound and dialogue:

Button Press #1:

Boba Fett: "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."

Button Press #2:

Sounds of the ship.

Button Press #3:

Sounds of the ship taking off along with blaster fire.

Price: $ 29.95 US / $ 38.99 CDN



The "Limited Quantity" ornament for 2011 was Bossk from The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition. Sculpted by Robert Hurlburt, Bossk stands 4" tall. This was the fifth time an ornament was first made available in limited supply at the July Keepsake Ornament Premiere event.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.99 CDN



The fifth and final ornament for 2011 was Darth Vader LEGO sculpted by Orville Wilson. This unique keepsake is 2" wide, 1" deep and more than 3" tall, a fair bit larger than a real LEGO Vader! This was also such a bit hit, it sold out, so Hallmark announced in 2012 that it would be re-issued… the first time this has ever happened with an ornament.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.99 CDN



For the third year in a row, Hallmark created Exclusive Keepsake ornaments for sale only at national conventions. This time however, two Cons had two different ornament sets for sale. At the San Diego Comic Con, 1000 sets of the IG88 and Dengar two-packs were offered, sculpted by Robert Chad & Valerie Shanks.

Price: $ 35.00 US


For the first time, the New York Comic Con had it's own Exclusive: a two pack of astromech droids, R2-Q5 and R2-A3. Kristina Gaughran was the artist this time, and only 800 sets were available for sale.

Price: $ 30.00 US