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A short history of my collection

I have been collecting Hallmark ornaments since the 1980's. Since I was a Star Wars fan, I was thrilled to find that in 1996 Hallmark began producing ships and characters from my favorite movies. Little did I know what I was in for..

In the first nine years, the availability to get every ornament was a fairly easy task if you were lucky enough to live near a Hallmark Crown Store. At that time, forty-two of this total were made for the winter holidays, and two mini-lunchboxes were Keepsakes from Hallmark's Spring ornament line. Unfortunately that latter series was discontinued before a Return Of The Jedi lunchbox was made to go with 1998's Star Wars and 2001's Empire Strikes Back mini-lunchboxes.

In 2012, after seventeen years of offering Star Wars Series, Magic, Miniature sets, Limited Quantity and Exclusives, the total number of Hallmark Star Wars Keepsake ornaments now numbers ninety-one. Ninety-one: enough to completely trim a full-sized tree with only Star Wars characters, ships and scenes.

Incredible as that may seem, collecting all 91 would not only be a great financial challenge, but one dependant upon luck and determination: since beginning in 2007 Hallmark released a "Limited Edition" ornament each year during their July Keepsake Ornament Event. Then starting in 2009, the advent of "Exclusives" made it nearly impossible for the average collector to acquire them all. There have been six ornaments only available at The San Diego Comic Con, The New York Comic Con and Celebrations 5 and 6.

For seventeen years, Star Wars fans and ornament collectors have looked forward to what is coming up next… and 2013 is no exception. With the 30th Anniversary of Return Of The Jedi, there are some amazing pieces yet to come: The Series line continues with a set of two Ewoks, Wicket and Teebo. An AT-ST (Chicken Walker), Jabba, Jango and a LEGO Yoda are planned to be released.

Yes, the Star Wars line of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments is still going strong.

I just need to get a larger Christmas tree, is all…


- Maureen


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