Take care of your collection

    • Keep all your original packaging. Nothing protects those delicate lightsaber tips and fine wire like the molded plastic inserts, bubble wrap, foam or tissue paper that came with your ornament.

    • Remove all batteries at the end of the holiday season when you are packing your treasures away. The last thing you want is to find a leaking or corroded battery ruining your Magic ornament the next time you are unpacking it.

    • Ornaments with cords to plug into light strings for powering up the Magic features are NOT compatible with blinking light strings.

    • Use a soft cloth to dust your ornaments and boxes. Whether you keep your ornaments out all year long hung on a tree or boxed up on a shelf, you'll want to keep them in a cool, dry place as far away from direct sunlight as possible.

    • Always remove wire or plastic hangers from your ornaments before packing them away. They might scratch or break a delicate part when you insert or remove them from their boxes.

    • After a few years if you find your ornament's batteries have drained, you may need to purchase the proper sized battery / batteries as replacements. Check the box for the exact type it takes. Never combine used and new batteries. Replace them all at one time when necessary.


    • Invest in a set of small screwdrivers - I have a six piece Jeweller's Precision Screwdriver set that has 1.4mm to 3.0mm Slot heads and #1 & #0 Phillips heads. You'll need the smallest ones to open the battery compartment covers on these ornaments.