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(reproduced from an insert included in an order of Star Wars postage stamps from the International Collectors Society in 1996)


Mark, George, Carrie and Harrison34. Luke's friend Wedge Antilles in the Rebel pilots' Gold Wing was played by a former mime.

35. Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie has also worked on the other Star Wars movies, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Cocoon.

36. Following Star Wars, Jack Purvis (Chief Jawa) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2) had a musical / comedy act for almost 20 years.

37. Several overseas publishers now produce licenced Star Wars magazines in England, France, Germany and Australia.

38. The title "Return of the Jedi" was changed from "Revenge of the Jedi" when Lucas read a thesis by a college student explaining why the moral code of a Jedi Knight excludes revenge.

39. Jabba the Hutt's conflict with Han Solo was an important line running through all three movies, but he wasn't seen until the third movie (at least, not until the Special Editions came out!-MK).

40. Before the 20th anniversary edition of the trilogy could be released, the original films required a chemical bath to remove the years of accumulated dirt and grime.

41. Less than $ 10 million was invested in the creation of the trilogy; to date, the return has been more than $ 4 billion.

42. One young man saw Star Wars 40 times, and a theatre projectionist sat through 600 showings.

43. The footprints of the androids C-3PO and R2-D2 were added to those of other stars on the sidewalk outside Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

44. The Special Edition films were completely restored and re-colored, possible only because Lucas had stored all the original elements, prints, music and sound effect tapes, production art, storyboards, models, creature mockups, and costumes at Lucasfilm Archives.

45. Upon Star Wars' opening, national movie critics wrote "...the cast is unmemorable..."; another offered, " exciting as last year's weather reports ..."; and yet another, "...entertaining, but a long way from being a classic."

46. A full-size replica of a Rebel X-Wing fighter was auctioned off by Neiman Marcus last December; bidding started at $ 35,000.

47. Although Star Wars was branded "science fiction", Lucas considered it a space fantasy in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan.

48. Star Wars energized the licensing business and is responsible for today's marketing of major movies for products such as toys, clothing, novels, collectibles, trading cards, tie-ins with McDonald's, etc.

George and Carrie

49. In 1977, a special run of 1,000 posters was made available at $1 each; today this collectible brings $400 or more.

50. Released six months before Star Wars, the paperback novelization sold out.

51. Several model kits of the various starships were so realistic that they were used in The Empire Strikes Back.

52. The only characters who will appear in all nine of the Star Wars movies are the two androids.(NOTE: this was written before Mr. Lucas decided NOT to film the final three episodes, so it is no longer true -MK).

53. By 1985 the line of licenced Star Wars action figures had grown to over 115 characters.

54. Filming in Norway for the ice planet Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back) was delayed by an avalanche.

55. The trilogy's stirring music was composed by John Williams, who also wrote music for Superman, the Indiana Jones movies, E.T., Hook, Schindler's List Jurassic Park and many others.

56. The voice of Yoda was provided by Frank Oz, who is also the voice of the Muppets' Miss Piggy.

57. In Japan one could buy rice snacks which included Star Wars premiums.

58. When restoring the trilogy, some missing recordings of dialogue, creatures and sound effects were found in a 20th Century-Fox underground vault in Kansas.

59. Two cartoon series, "Ewoks" and "Droids" were seen for a short time on TV.

60. Star Wars rides are favorites at four Disney theme parks on three continents.

61. Donated by Lucasfilm for a charity auction, an original script signed by George Lucas brought $ 3,500 and a C-3PO hand sold for $ 5,000.

62. Lando Calrissian was originally scripted to die at the end of Return of the Jedi.

63. In the early '80's, opponents to then-President Regan's controversial space-based missle defense plan dubbed it "Star Wars".

64. The Star Wars comic strip appeared in national newspapers from 1981 - 83, rendered by Al Williamson who also drew the Flash Gordon newspaper strip, created by Alex Raymond.

65. The films of Lucasfilm Ltd. have won 44 Academy Award nominations and 17 Oscars.

66. The Star Wars special effects unit which became Industrial Light & Magic created the modern visual effects industry; 20 years later it is still the leader in the field.


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