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The Tantive IV has been awarded The Yoda Award!

Obi-Wan's Excellent Site Award
Thanks Mike!

Some of the nice things said about the Tantive IV:

"An excellent blend of sights and sounds, Tantive IV is a delight to explore. There's dioramas, trivia, fan-art, games for kids, fan fiction and more, all organized and easy to navigate. Check it out!"
Featured Fan Site, September, 2000, StarWars.com

"More stuff than you can shake a Gimer Stick at! This site has quite a few images of all things Star Wars, including dioramas, cartoons, the Muppets (quite nifty), and blurbs about making of the movie. One of the more interesting things on this page is the use of sound. The MIDI here is much better than some sites, and the use of voice from the movie is very appropriate in some cases. Either way, it works for the site. The dioramas are great, there's a great activity center with games (aimed at younger surfers, but nevertheless cool), and dang if there isn't more. This is a fun site to go through and is something that must be seen."
Adam Pawlus, Entertainment Earth

"A rocking site, fun and very informative"
"A mother daughter site that re-defines the word FUN"
Robert Beasley, Docking Bay 94

"Possibly the best new US page can be found on the Tantive IV,
brought to us by a mother and daughter team and well worth a look"
Phillip Oliver, Star Wars Action Figures UK Site

"A new page with lots of great collecting stuff!"
"It's one of the few sites that really brings out that you two are TRUE Star Wars fans."
Jason Langeni, ST321: Star Wars

"A very nice page. Has some rare pics."
Will Roberts, The Stormtrooper Bunker

"Wonderful page!"
J. Darklighter, Ultima Star Wars Page of the Week

"A cool mom daughter created page!"
Todd Johnson, Master Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum
{We were their "Cool Site of the Week July 26th, 1997!}

"Cool site!"
Scott Elliott, The Star Wars Collector's Database

"A very creative idea for a website.
Different layout and idea ....cool very cool."
Dustin Roberts, Dustin's Star Wars Figure Collection

"This is one incredible page.
It's made by a mother daughter team from Canada,
and if they don't have the collectible, no one does."
J. Darklighter, Star Wars Ultima
{We are their "Page O the Week" for the week of August 11th, 1997!}

"Your Mother/Daughter team developed site is Awesome!
Very original and deserving of any award! Congrats!"
David Wilder, Stormtrooper Information Central

"The Tantive IV is a site that stands out from the others.
It's one of the more fun sites.
You'll find great behind the scenes info, even they made some of their own!"
The Jedi Knights Homepage

Thank you to all those
who have bestowed these honors upon us!