Our current compliment of prisoners in the Detention Block can be found below. 
Charged with fraud, these unsavory characters were discovered impersonating
New Republic and Imperial personalities.

>> CELL BLOCK 1138  <<

Fake Luke

Fake Vader
Fake Trooper

Our hero -- or is it? NOT !
His Jedi suit didn't even come with a lightsaber !


This guy was brave to disguise himself  as the Dark Lord of the Sith, but he should have known Vader is black, not BROWN with gold shoulder pads!
Now, would a REAL Imperial
Stormtrooper have pretty BLUE 
gloves and boots? Thot not..

Fake Fett


Fake Han
Fake Chewie
This imposter forgot his Wookiee
scalps and cape!
Han may be a scoundrel, but
this one's a fake too! Love the
brown vest ! :-p
Gee, Chewie seems to have
aged quite a bit .... don't recall
him being GRAY!
Oh, yeah, this one tried the old
"Snoova" disguise .... 
didn't fool us, pal ....
All these prisoners were found
hanging from a peg in a local
Dollar shop packaged on the
"Galaxy Empire" card. I don't
know why the authorities let
this blatent fraud exist!
(Check out the Falcon and
Star Destroyer pics on the card!)
>> CELL BLOCK AA27  <<
Our newest perpetrator is this "Star Force" version of the Millennium Falcon. Note the vain attempt to hide it's true identity with TWO cockpits and the addition of turbo-jets at the back! Again, the card is a blatent rip-off of our beloved Star Wars icons.
>> CELL BLOCK 421  <<
Phillipine Artoo Phillipine Yoda Back of Philippine cards

The 2 imposters above were apprehended a few years back; snatched up when they dared to surface in the Philippines. 
It didn't matter what figure you bought, it seems the bootlegger only had the one card template to work from
(The Luke Jedi card!).
This card back also was the same for both figures -- not like any other we have seen before (and of extremely poor quality !)

These prisoners will be detained indefinitely in our Ship's Brig for their crimes of fraud.