May 3 - 5, 2002
Indianapolis, Indiana

Once again I was privileged to participate in the Star Wars Celebration. This time, like another 60,000 Star Wars fans, I travelled to the beautiful city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The huge volume of attendees created incredibly long lines which were, in the most part, a mystery to where they actually led. On Saturday, it was nearly impossible to move about the crowded convention center. Unfortunately, because I was scheduled to work at the Rebelscum booth and the C2 autograph area, I didn't have much of a chance to attend many scheduled programs, but I still found lots of opportunities for wonderful memories. I was incredibly lucky to get the exclusive Jorg Sacul figure at the Celebration 2 store, and was in the first group of three people to get in to see Carrie Fisher on Saturday morning.

I was honored to organize the toy customizing panel, and chose three other Forgotten Force members, Dan Curto, Peter Crone and Bill Cory to participate as well. I spoke on Star Wars custom toys and sculptures, and this time I brought my Santa Yoda, Episode 2 Padme, Bothan, Guri, Conceptual Leia, Lama Su, and my first 12" custom, Tessek the Quarren. Our panel took place on Sunday, May 5th, in the Bespin Room and had a great turnout. Many audience members took pictures and video of our customs and even followed us back to the Mos Eisley Diorama Room for more questions. I also participated in the Mos Eisley diorama, making a small building for the set.

For images of Celebration 2 from celebrities to exhibits, take a look at my pictures here!

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