April 21 - 24, 2005
Indianapolis, Indiana

As I did three years ealier, I found myself back in Indianapolis, Indiana for Celebration III. I again spent the majority (about 99%!) of my time working; this time in the Autograph Hall with OfficialPix, or at their booth in the Exhibitor Hall with the rest of my Rebelscum team mates. I didn't attend any scheduled programs, but I was fortunate enough to attend the official Opening Ceremonies this time, as well as the "Celebration at Celebraton 3" party Saturday night and the Master Replicas party on Friday night. Oh, and I was also personally invited to attend the Lucasfilm wrap party Sunday night! What a thrill that was!

I again spoke on custom figures, this time on 12" dolls and brought my Tessek, Ishi Tib and Vintage George Lucas dolls to the show at the Forgotten Force booth in the Fan Hall.

One of the highights of this year's convention was working with Ray "Darth Maul" Park for two days as his assistant in the Autograph Hall, as well as his escort to his speaking engagement. I was only scheduled to work a couple of hours with him on Saturday, but after a few minutes, both he and his manager asked me to stay with them for the rest of the convention! What an incredible honor! He not only gave me a few autographs, but a bunch of hugs and even two kisses....oh, and after the convention closed, he signed and gave me his huge vinyl "Darth Maul" banner which hung behind us at the Autograph Hall! What a great guy he was.

I also worked with Barrie Holland in the Exhibitor Hall...he's the Imperial Officer in Return of the Jedi who exclaims "You Rebel Scum!" in the Endor bunker scene. What a sweet man...I had a great time listening to all his stories...he has been in many movies, including the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark...he is the fellow stencilling all those boxes at the end of the movie!

I had a great time with all my Rebelscum pals, and even though my feet will never be the same (they were covered with blisters by the end of the five days), I will have wonderful memories to last a lifetime! For more images of Celebration 3, take a look at my pictures here!

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