In 1996, I received a phone call from a local 
television station, asking if they could come
visit Heather and I and talk about our
Star Wars hobby. It seems they heard
about us from a local antique shop owner
whose shop we frequented often.

 I was told that we were considered "not your
average Star Wars fans"; a mother / daughter
team was not what most people would 
think of when you talk about Star Wars. Just 
what they wanted on a show that spotlighted
people and thier hobbies; and it was no
coincidence that the Star Wars Special 
Editions were being released that month!

 So, after an initial telephone conversation,
one day in early January, 1997 a large CBC
van rolled up our driveway and out came 
the TV crew to shoot the spot. Cameras, lights, 
sound equipment -- they were
here for hours; filming our collection,
asking both of us questions, and 
generally having fun playing with
all the toys!

Heather and her stuffed Ewok collection.
She's just 5 here!

Showing dioramas of our vintage collection...
Tatooine on top, Hoth next, Jabba's Palace,
then Endor on the second-from-bottom shelf.

Being interviewed with a few 12" vintage
toys in the background.

They then joined us a few days later at a
local antique / collectibles show, where more
filming took place. Here's some shots from the
show, with Heather and I finding lots of
Star Wars treasures.

Heather was always better than me at finding
vintage figures we still didn't have.
A radio-controlled Artoo! A Vader child's 
mask! Even Vader's TIE was
discovered at this table!

Checking out a Yoda puppet.
Yup, we bought him too!

We had a great time, and we've kept  copies of the show on tape and disk so we can always 
remember being on TV together!

Even though this was a local show, friends tell me they aired it across Canada months!