To me, "Customs" are pieces of art, created either from combining existing action figures or toys, by improving existing figures, or by creating new characters from scratch which were never made by the toy companies.

Here are my Star Wars customs; they are listed with the newest creations at the top. Many of these characters were made BEFORE Hasbro added them to the official collection (indicated with an *). I began customizing early in 1998, and add more figures whenever I get the chance. I have learned a lot about this hobby from an Internet group I belong to, called the "Forgotten Force" and was extremely lucky and honored to present some of my customs at the Star Wars Celebration in Denver, spring 1999. While there, I met Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm, who asked me to make him a "Santa Yoda". This is one of three pieces I have made which I do not own -- I do not sell my creations; they are for my collection or as gifts only. The other two pieces given away are a custom "Steve Sansweet in Denver Celebration Gear" (umbrella and raincoat) given to Steve one Christmas, and an Admiral Ozzel figure I gave to Michael Sheard in May, 2001.  I was also privileged to speak at Celebration II in Indianapolis in 2002; again on making Star Wars customs. This time, I brought along my first 12" custom, Tessek. I hope you enjoy viewing them. Images and instructions on each custom is provided via the links below:

12" Tessek

AOTC Padme

Sith Witch

Baga the Bordok

Podrace Vendor

Lama Su

Borsk Fey'lya, Bothan

Count Dooku *

Zam Wesell *

Michael Sheard's 

Admiral Ozzel


The Northern Jedi

Senator Horox Ryyder *

Episode 2 Amidala *

Conceptual Obi Wan

Ralph McQuarrie

Conceptual Characters

Life Size Darth Maul

Darth Maul Comic *

Wald the Rodian

Queen Amidala 

in Coruscant Robes

The Queen's


Marfalump the Pepsi Alien

Steve Sansweet's

Santa Yoda

Fode & Beed *

Queen Amidala of Naboo *

Vintage George Lucas

Krayt Dragon of Tatooine

Santa Yoda

Vintage Chewbacca

The Simpsons

Micro Machine Figures

General Dodonna

Vintage Leia Hoth

Captain Antilles

K - 3PO *

Prototype Royal Guard

Wuher *


Treadwell *

X-Wing Biggs *

Muftak the Talz *

Kabe *

Colonel Wullf Yularen

R2 - Q2

Cantina Spaceman


A wonderful group of 300+ customizers worldwide, without whom I would have never discovered this addictive hobby.

Proud Member of the Custom Coalition, sharing knowledge, nurturing interest and positive education in a spirit of cooperation and fair play.

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