Even though the "Special Editions" restored certain features in the three films,
they still didn't include THIS original dialogue
recently discovered in our ships' vaults ...

VCR Woes

"Okay, I think I've got it now. Let's see...date, start time, end time, channel...DARN!
Why do they have to make programming these things so difficult?"

The Reassurance of Biggs

"Biggs, don't worry. They really wouldn't cut you out of the movie...not with a cool cape like that!"

Watch where you're pointing that thing!

Translated: "I don't care WHO you are. Koochy-koo me one more time and I'll blast you!"

Han's Vest Fetish

"I said, 'I think you looked better in a vest....even if it WAS a furry one'!"

Is that a D cup?

"Uh, Han....I hate to tell you this, but I think you grabbed a FEMALE trooper's chest gear by mistake ...."

Check the script, Mark

{Okay, okay, try to remember...her name is LEIA, not Carrie. Leia, yeah, that's it}

Disarming Han

Seeing his friend's expression, Han realizes only too late,
that it "ain't wise" to throw snowballs at a Wookiee's face either.


The Tin Man he ain't

"I think he's saying 'Oil can'."

A helping hand

"LUKE...COME TO ME...and help me get this darned cape untangled from the railing!"

Handyman Mark
"Mark, let him help...you're only supposed to PRETEND you know how to fix me during filming !"

The joke's on Lando

"Hey, Boba...get this. That idiot Calrissian really FELL for the old
"give me your friend and I'll leave you alone" line!
What a chump! heh, heh..."

A matter of taste

"Okay, get up and quit over-acting....the cafeteria food isn't THAT bad..."

Will someone SHUT THIS GUY UP?

"So then I tried to get out by telling them I had this bum knee, you see...but THAT didn't work either !"


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