Even more discoveries in our ships' vaults ...

"I'm siiiinging in the rain, just siiiinging in the rain..."

"Okay, okay, scrap all that....we're going to start all over at Episode One again..."

 "Meesa quit! Jar Jar no going through all that again. Yousa pay me, I go!"


Fans packed the Indianapolis Convention Center for Celebration 2 this weekend ...

"To the little Jedi room, point me you will"

" Hey, I SAID we're starting over with Episode One again...where'd everybody go?"


"I can't believe we need a droid chaperone. Quick! Let's lose him on the stairs..."

Okay, go get back into your skeleton suit, we're re-doing Episode One and
this time it's going to be a muscial called "Annie!"

"Do you think these 3D pictures make me look fat? "


"Betcha five bucks I can take out that boom operator up there!"

"I can't BELIEVE he could come up with a more ridiculous hairdo than last time..."

"Bail, the popcorn you get. The shades, Windu you must pull.
My favorite part of the movie, this is."

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