Spring and Christmas ornaments

1998 brought another set of four ornaments to the collection for the Winter holidays. As well that Spring, Hallmark created the first Star Wars miniature Star Wars Lunchbox. Made of pressed tin, it has detailed images just like the vintage full-size lunchbox, opens on hinges and has a movable handle; measuring 3.25" wide, 2.5" tall and 1" deep; the designer of this piece is not indicated.

Price: $ 12.95 US / $ 17.00 CDN



The dated X-wing Starfighter again is powered via a cord with plug to attach to a Christmas light string to illuminate its red glowing lights from the back of the ship's four engines. Measuring an impressive 5" long, 4" wide and 1.25" tall, this Fighter was designed by Dill Rhodus once more.

Price: $ 24.00 US / $ 31.00 CDN



Princess Leia is second in the Star Wars series and is posed in her white gown from A New Hope. Standing 3.75" tall, she was sculpted by Dill Rhodus.

Price: $ 13.95 US / $ 18.25 CDN



The Boba Fett ornament from The Empire Strikes Back was designed by Dill Rhodus as well and stands 4.5" tall. Sporting a cloth cape, he has an error which has never been corrected. In comparison with the Kenner Boba Fett, one can see that the Mandalorian insignia on his left shoulder was painted upside down.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.50 CDN



Three Ewoks Miniatures from Return Of The Jedi features Wicket, Paploo and an Ewok mother cradling a baby Ewok. Each one measures 1" tall each and were sculpted by Katrina Bricker.

Price: $ 16.95 US / $ 22.25 CDN