A new box design is introduced

In 2002 another six Keepsake Ornaments were created with a new box design and a "Christmas Memory Card" for every ornament. With a photo of the ornament on one side, and place to write "To: and From:" on the other, they were like miniature Christmas gift cards. Three ornaments are from the Original Trilogy and three come from Attack Of The Clones and for the first time, no miniature ornaments were offered.

The Death Star is this year's "Magic" ornament. When plugged into a miniature light socket, the space station glows with tiny specks of light. Pressing a small button activates the sound feature; the Emperor in all his glory taunting Luke: "As you can see my young Apprentice, your friends have failed. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! Fire at will Commander!" This is followed by the sound effect of the Death Star super laser firing. Sculpted by Dill Rhodus in amazing detail, this hefty ornament measures 3" all around.

Price: $ 24.00 US / $ 32.00 CDN



Darth Vader is again represented, this time as the sixth in the Star Wars Series. He stands 5" tall (a full 7" tall if including his lightsaber) and was sculpted by Dill Rhodus.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight was also released this year. Sporting his black outfit and green saber, Luke is in a fighting stance at 4" tall, but to the tip of his raised saber, this ornament measures about 5.5" tall, designed by Dill Rhodus.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



From Attack Of The Clones comes Obi-Wan Kenobi. There is no credit as to who sculpted the likeness of Ewan McGregor. He his posed in flowing robes, blue saber at the ready, standing 4" tall.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



Jango Fett, also from Episode Two also has no mention of who created him. This bounty hunter stands 4" tall and is posed with both blasters at the ready.

Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CDN



The SLAVE 1 Starfighter is a die cast metal ship from Attack of the Clones. Coming in at 4.75" tall, 4" wide and 1.5" deep, this ornament is really heavy… you'll have to find a sturdy branch to hang this one on. As with the other AOTC ornaments this year, there is no mention of who the Hallmark Keepsake Artist is.

Price: $ 18.95 US / $ 25.95 CDN