Gallery I: By your Captain, Maureen

Darth Vader pumpkin 2004


EP2 Obi Wan oil (sepia tone base shadowing only)Finished oil painting
Episode 2 Obi-Wan

   A Boba Fett PEZ in Cross-Stitch
(designed and stitched by me)

Obi Wan Charcoal (5K) Luke Charcoal (6K) Tusken Raider Charcoal (5K)
Charcoals done a few years back

Easter Eggs 2006
Logray Egg Gorneesh Egg
Easter Eggs 2005
Baga the Bordok Egg Princess Kneesaa Egg
Lantern Bird Egg Melanie Egg
Teebo Egg Wicket Egg
Emperor Egg  
Easter Eggs 2004
Gamorrean Guard Egg
Logo Egg
Revenge Art Egg
Yoda Egg
Easter Eggs 2003
Chewbacca Egg
Taun We Egg
Clonetrooper Egg
Sith Witch Egg
Easter Eggs 2002
Royal Guard Egg
Ewok Egg
Bith Egg
Darth Vader Egg
Easter Eggs 2001
Stormtrooper Egg
Boba Fett Egg
Rebel Pilot Egg
Easter Eggs 2000
R2 D2 Egg
Darth Maul Egg


He may indeed LOOK like a can, Sir Luke...
but I hardly think a CAN OPENER will do the trick!


Gallery II: Artwork by First Mate, Heather (at age 6)

Royal Guard (3K) Star Wars Poster (4K)

3PO and R2



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