February 23, 2013:

A new website is up! I have created a new site called "StarWars-Ornaments.com" to showcase my collection of Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. If you want a one-stop location to see all the Star Wars ornaments Hallmark has produced, head over for hundreds of photos and detailed descriptions!

April 14, 2011:

Yes, I am still around! You may have noticed I recently moved this site to its very own domain! So if you haven't done so already, please update your bookmark to WWW.THETANTIVE4.COM!

I have also been adding a LOT to my Ewok cels collection. So, to give it the attention it deserves, I have created it's very own website too. Please visit WWW.EWOKCELS.COM to see what's new! From perusing other online resources, I do believe it's one of, if not THE largest collection of Ewok cartoon cels on the net. And there will be many more added over the next few weeks. Hope to see you there!

June 21, 2008:

Wow, I can't believe it's been two years since an update. My interests moved from Star Wars collecting to blogging... but I still have my collection. Maybe one day I'll even do another custom or two. In the meantime, take a look around and let me know what you think! Welcome aboard!


April 28 , 2006:

Barrie Holland, Imperial Officer Lt. Renz in Return of the Jedi, sent me something very special in the mail...I am thrilled to add yet another 4 photos to my collection of Star Wars autographs in the VIP Quarters! Barrie, thank you; it was great working with you at C3. To see all 149 autographs, click on the image below:

April 18 , 2006:

This year I only made two Star Wars themed Easter eggs; both inspired by my Ewok cels. To take a look at them, just click on the image below:

Gorneesh Easter Egg

December 25, 2005:

What a great Christmas surprise! Three new AWESOME autographs -- all from Vader himself. Take a peek at the VIP Quarters to see our latest additions to the 145 signatures:

August 19, 2005:

A Star Wars fan's dream come true...my visit to a very special "Ranch" or two...

June 6, 2005:

Wow!!I still can't believe what just arrived in the mail...4 original Ewok cartoon layout drawings from artist Brian Lemay. Click below to read the full story:

May 24, 2005:

A whole new re-vamp of the Ewok cels page. Click on Baga below to see over 130 original production cels now in our collection:

May 22, 2005:

Updates today to the VIP Quarters. We now have 142 Star Wars autographs for you to enjoy. Take a look here:

May 11, 2005:

I finally got my Celebration 3 pages up! I had a blast, so click on the program below to see what went on in Indy:

March 30 , 2005:

Well, I made 7 Star Wars Easter eggs this year; six of which are inspired by my Ewok cels. To take a look at them, just click on the image below:

February 6, 2005:

Ever since I got my first Ewok cel from the Fan Club in the fall, I've been trying to collect as many as I can. Click on the image below to see the cels I have so far. More are on their way, so check back for frequent updates!

January 22, 2005:

Received something extra special in the mail the other day which combines my obsession with Star Wars and my love of cartoons...an original Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny storyboard. It's from the 1977 TV special "Bugs Bunny In Space" and I just love it! Click for a larger image:

November 29, 2004:

Well, two updates today. First, I've re-vamped the Cargo Hold. You can now sit back and enjoy a 5 minute slide show of some of our favorite collectibles, complete with accompanying music.

As well, take a look at how our cat Sheba got involved in the photo session I was attempting to do as The Empire Strikes Cat.

November 15, 2004:

Wow! I finally received my Star Wars Fan Club membership kit (after waiting over six months!) but boy, was it worth the wait. This year, included with the kit is an authentic cel from the Ewoks television series which have been in storage at Lucasfilm for about 20 years. With many people getting just dots or swishes of color, I was thrilled to receive this:

Click on the Lantern Bird above for an image of the full cel with pencil sketch behind it. As well as the cel, members get a membership card with Darth Vader on it, a letter from George Lucas, a Code 3 calendar, a LEGO poster, a 2-sided diorama backdrop, a WOTC poster, and a Heritage promo trading card.

October 26, 2004:

Happy Halloween! This year, instead of carving a real one, I decided to try my hand at one of those new "carvable fake pumpkins". Here's my Darth Vader Jack O'Lantern (click to see it full size) which I'll be able to enjoy year after year!

September 21, 2004:

Well, as every Star Wars fan knows, today was THE day to finally get the classic trilogy on DVD. I was incredibly lucky to get to Future Shop real early and snag the free T-shirt as well (which were so limited, Future Shop phoned us last night to let us know to get there early to be sure to get one -- they didn't get in enough for all the pre-orders they had taken!) Now all I need to do is find the time to sit down and enjoy the movies!

August 18, 2004:

Wow!!! I just received another autograph, and it's one I've really been wanting for awhile... Jake Lloyd. My "boss" Philip at Rebeslcum got this for me while they were together at Comic Con. I really wish I was able to be there, but he wrote the nicest note: "Maureen, Sorry you couldn't make it, we missed you. All the best, Jake Lloyd". Take a look at this autograph and over 100 more in the VIP Quarters by clicking the thumbnail below:

August 16, 2004:

Bay 4 of the Recreation wing is now open! Stop by the main Recreation Bay to view our attack of "Attack of the Clones". While there, why not check out the Junior recreational activities in Bay 1, as well as humorous spoofs of the classic trilogy and The Phantom Menace in Bays 2 and 3!

August 14, 2004:

Still fine-tuning the site and adding my on-line friend's sites to the quick links list. The top link will take you to our family homepage, where, yes (gasp!) I DO have other things in my life besides Star Wars! As well, take a trip to many fine Star Wars sites hosted by my buddies on the net.

August 12, 2004:

Two new autographs added to the VIP Quarters; the original Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec Guinness and Shmi Skywalker, Pernilla August. Obviously, Sir Alec's is one of the few autographs not obtained by mail directly from the star. I have always wanted to add this incredible actor's signature to my collection, and was forturnate to find a great autograph from a friend online. Pernilla August's signature has the distinction of being the one autograph I have waited the longest for. It took over three years (yes, that's YEARS) to get an answer to my letter to her in Stockholm. But it was worth the wait!

Take a look at all our VIP autographs by clicking the image below:

August 11, 2004:

Finally had the time to re-vamp the old website. Now that our ship has been flying for over seven years, I felt it needed a good overhaul. Hope you like the new format. If you're wondering who those characters are on the page headers, they're customs of (from left to right) Borsk Fey'lya, Bothan, my 12" Tessek doll, a Sith Witch, Horox Ryyder, Krayyt dragon sculpture and Marf the Pepsi alien. Let me know what you think by signing the Passenger Manifest or by just dropping me a line.


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