You would think I'd have learned my lesson.....oh, no.  Not seems that it only took two years to forget how much work it was making our favorite characters' costumes for another Halloween "Boo at the Zoo"...... after our experiences in 1997, decked out as our favorite classic characters, I really didn't think I'd be crazy enough to do it all again......but I was.

Yup, 1999 brought with it a whole new slew of great costume ideas with Episode One. And how could I resist an excuse to add more toys to my collection, like more lightsabers?

So August came, and thoughts of Halloween began to germinate in my mind. Who should we go as? Should we even go to Boo at the Zoo again? Maybe Heather's getting too old. Maybe it will be too cold at the end of October....we lucked out with beautiful fall days the last two years...usually it snows by Halloween.....

"Yes." The family agreed. We WOULD go again; this time our "theme" would be THREE JEDI. Hubby looked the part of Qui Gon, tall, blond and with a beard to boot! And he wouldn't have to wear a mask this time.....after trying to breath and see through a rubber Darth Vader mask two years running, THAT was a great relief to him!

Heather wanted to be a female Jedi. No problem; that would be cute.

But I wanted to be Maul.

Maul????? A WOMAN as Maul? Well, let me tell you, Maul was shorter than Qui Gon....and I was the only one in the family willing to put on all that makeup! (I bought a rubber mask, but it wasn't good enough....the makeup was so much better!)

So I went out and bought a McCall's pattern (# 2433) and black, beige and brown material.....a LOT of it. It took a few days to sew the three costumes.....I started with Heather's: a small size beige tunic and sash (with shoulder sashes added) and a brown cape with EXTRA large hood. Next was Hubby's. Exactly the same, but larger. I adjusted the pattern and used my 12" Qui Gon doll as a model.

Next was mine. Using heavy black fabric, I sewed the huge cloak, changing the pattern where necessary....for the extended sleeves with arm holes at the front, and again, a HUGE hood. I also sewed a "paneled" belt out of shiny black fabric. Again, I used my 12" Maul doll as a model.

The rest of our costumes were easy. Heather and hubby both wore beige cargo-type pants and boots. I gave Heather a nice Jedi braid, and with lightsabers they both looked ready for the Clone Wars.

For the rest of my Maul costume, I layered on the black clothing. Starting with a black turtleneck to cover my neck, then the perfect black jacket I was lucky to have already. It has a high-cut collar that stands up, looking just like Maul's. Black pants were tucked into black boots, and I revised an old black skirt for his "skirt"; topped off with the wide belt. I already had black gloves and my trusty double-bladed lightsaber, so I was ready.

Well, except for the makeup. I rejected the idea to use the rubber mask, and chose to use black and red face paints to do my face. I toyed with the idea of getting some contacts, but the price was just too much.

Finally the big night came. It was beautiful outside again this we hurried home from work and school, and got ready before it got dark. But we had to eat! So we decided to pick up some chicken on our way to the Zoo, and eat in the car.

Heather and I went inside KFC to order our meals (which was still running their Star Wars promotion). Not surprisingly, we got more than a few stares upon entering the busy restaurant. We took our place in line, just behind a middle-aged lady, who, frankly, was giving the staff a hard time about substituting chicken pieces or something.....

So we just stood there, and the staff were snickering......just waiting to see what would happen next. Even the customers at the drive thru window were laughing. The lady was so busy complaining, she had no idea we were there.

Then she finally finished her order, grabbed her ticket, and turned to get out of line. I gave her my best Maul glare.......

And she SCREAMED! The whole place roared! She yelled at me that I nearly gave her a heart attack, but everyone else just LOVED it!

Needless to say, we were a huge hit at the Zoo again....they had even set up a Star Wars tent so we fit right in! Again, we were asked to pose with kids and families, and had a wonderful time. Also, it was so much better not to have masks to try to see though!

Since then, our costumes have been hanging in our Star Wars room. But I've finally made my biggest "custom" ever.....a life-size Maul, wearing my costume, using the rubber mask on a foam head (which I re-painted with more detailing). Maul now stands guard to my collection, saber in hand. Sometimes when I pass him, I get a little "freaked".....he looks like he can come to life at any time! (perhaps I should have made a mannequin that splits in two!)

I wonder what we'll do in 2000.........hmmmmmm