More discoveries in our ships' vaults ...

Everything has to be perfect...

"Okay, for this next shot, I want this grain of sand over here, and that one over there."

Peeping droid

"Cool! I think I can make out a cute android down there!"

Ewan's hard on the hired help

 "Quick! Someone stop him before he kills any more stagehands!"


Future graduate of Stormtrooper precision blasting school

"You just wait, Ani...I'm going to be a GREAT bounty hunter one day...
I just have to get this close to make sure I don't miss, that's all..."

What do you mean, naked?

Uh, no, Kenny....I don't think you'll pass as a "prequel Artoo" ...

The joke's on Ray

" Shhh....don't tell him I'm writing "KICK ME" back here..."


Funny do

"Heh...heh....No, no really. I am NOT laughing at your hair....heh, heh."

OK guys....pack it up ..... again.....

" you think they'd be upset if I changed my mind now?"

Relief from those hot Tatooine suns

Obviously Pepsi won the cola wars in a galaxy far, far away too...


Complaints Department

"...and Ian keeps laughing at my hair..."


First draft

"Whadd'ya mean, you don't like my design for a prequel Threepio?"


"Hmmmm... I wonder if we can come up with an even
more wild hair do for Natalie in Episode 2...."

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