Winnipeg - May, 2002

Another year, another talk. As if May 2002 wasn't busy enough with Celebration II in Indianapolis, two weeks later I spoke at Winnipeg's annual SciFi convention, KeyCon again. One day after seeing Attack of the Clones for the first time, Heather and I were off to the convention with our custom toys and supplies. Heather was my "projectionist" this year, helping me out a lot during my one hour talk on how to make custom toys.

Since I had already prepared a slide show for our panel in Indianapolis, doing this talk 
was pretty easy. We both had a fun time, and hopefully inspired some other local artists 
to try their hands at custom toy making.
I brought a variety of figures this year, from regular 3 3/4" customs to my 6" Guri figure and my first 12" doll - Tessek the Quarren.

If you want to see how I made these, check out our custom toy section here.

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