"The Tantive IV" was designed by "First Mate" Heather and me, her mom, "Captain" Maureen back in 1997. I have been a fan of Star Wars since seeing A New Hope in the theatre in 1977 with my then-future husband. We even saw The Empire Strikes Back on our honeymoon in June, 1980.  Of course, we also saw Return of the Jedi on the big screen in 1983. (Actually we saw all three classic episodes numerous times in the theatre, and again over and over when they were released on video). Now the whole family enjoys both the classic and prequel movies on DVD.

We have a dedicated Star Wars Room where we showcase our collection of thousands of old and new items including autographs, figures, toys, ships, games, puzzles, posters, banks, comics, magazines, books, glasses, buttons, jewelery & more. The entire collection is recorded on a database I designed and we have hosted "tours" of our collection for friends and visitors. My office at work is a smaller version of my collection room, with toys, posters, calendars, autographs and other Star Wars collectibles everywhere. I can often be seen at work wearing one of my many Star Wars ties, belt buckles or jewelry.

Heather and I were on T.V. (CBC in Canada) in 1997 about our collection too. The show, "Coleman and Company" thought it was unusual that a mom & daughter team were interested in Star Wars. They filmed us both at home and shopping at a local antique show. 

In 1999, I was on another televsion show called "Insight", speaking about Episode One on the eve of it's premiere. I have also been honored to speak at many Star Wars and science fiction conventions, interviewed on TV, radio and in print. To see more about that, click here

We even made costumes for Halloween, 1997 and Episode One costumes in 1999. To read about that Halloween, click here.

Have fun on board, let us know what you think of our Tantive 4, and May The Force Be With You!


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